Class MathIllegalArgumentException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, LocalizedException

public class MathIllegalArgumentException extends MathRuntimeException
Base class for all preconditions violation exceptions. In most cases, this class should not be instantiated directly: it should serve as a base class to create all the exceptions that have the semantics of the standard IllegalArgumentException.
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  • Constructor Details

    • MathIllegalArgumentException

      public MathIllegalArgumentException(Localizable pattern, Object... args)
      Simple constructor.
      pattern - Message pattern explaining the cause of the error.
      args - Arguments.
    • MathIllegalArgumentException

      public MathIllegalArgumentException(Throwable cause, Localizable specifier, Object... parts)
      Simple constructor.
      cause - root cause.
      specifier - format specifier (to be translated).
      parts - parts to insert in the format (no translation).