Uses of Class

Packages that use NullArgumentException
Common classes used throughout the Hipparchus library.
The function package contains function objects that wrap the methods contained in Math, as well as common mathematical functions such as the gaussian and sinc functions.
Numerical integration (quadrature) algorithms for univariate real functions.
Univariate real functions interpolation algorithms.
Univariate real polynomials implementations, seen as differentiable univariate real functions.
Root finding algorithms, for univariate real functions.
Clustering algorithms.
Complex number type and implementations of complex transcendental functions.
Fraction number type and fraction number formatting.
Linear algebra support.
Algorithms for optimizing a scalar function.
Random number and random data generators.
Data storage, manipulation and summary routines.
Generic univariate and multivariate summary statistic objects.
Summary statistics based on moments.
Summary statistics based on ranks.
Other summary statistics.
Statistical methods for fitting distributions.
Classes providing hypothesis testing.
Convenience routines and common data structures used throughout the Hipparchus library.