Hipparchus has two communication channels, a forum and mailing lists.

The recommended channel is the forum, as the mailing lists have recurring technical problems. There are three categories Hipparchus annoucements, Hipparchus usage and Hipparchus development in the forum. Regular users should subscribe to the forum and configure their preferences to add these categories to the “Watched” list so they are notified when a new message appears there.

The second channel is the mailing lists. As stated above, they have recurring technical problems and will therefore be phased out in the future. Anybody can subscribe to the lists:

The archives of the lists are available at https://lists.hipparchus.org/.

Questions related to the usage of Hipparchus should be posted to the users forum category/mailing list. The developers forum category/mailing list is for questions and discussion related to the development of Hipparchus. Please do not cross-post; developers are also subscribed to the users channel. The announcements forum category/mailing list is read-only and devoted to announce important news (like new releases).

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