Release History

Version Date Description
1.4 2018-11-17 This is a maintenance release. The main changes since last version are various fixes in partitioning.
1.3 2018-05-08 This is a maintenance release.
1.2 2017-10-25 This is a maintenance release.
1.1 2017-03-16 This is a maintenance release.
1.0 2016-06-23 This is the first release of the library

Release 1.4 – 2018-11-17

Type Changes By
Fixed creating a SphericalPolygonsSet from oversampled or noisy data. Fixes issues/46. evan
Fixed 2D outline extraction from 3D polyhedrons sets with holes. GitHub: fixes #45. Fixes issues/45. luc
Use topological information from BSP tree to connect more reliably edges and vertices when building the boundary loops of SphericalPolygonsSet. GitHub: fixes #42. Fixes issues/42. luc
Forbid use of unrealistic tolerances (below ulp(2π)) in spherical geometry. GitHub: fixes #42. Fixes issues/42. luc
Fixed a corner case in BSPTree split. GitHub: fixes #41. Fixes issues/41. luc

Release 1.3 – 2018-05-08

Type Changes By
No changes directly in this module. However, lower level Hipparchus modules did change, hence a new release was needed. luc

Release 1.2 – 2017-10-25

Type Changes By
Added a method to compute the orientation of a triplet of points in 2D. luc
Added a getBRep method to PolyhedronsSet to extract a Boundary REPresentation in regular cases (unbounded PolyhedronsSet or PolyhedronsSet with holes in their boundary are not supported). luc
Fixed NullPointerException when computing size of unbounded polygons sets. Fixes issues/23. luc
Fixed polygons creation from lists of vertices (both in Euclidean and spherical geometry) when separate edges share the same hyperplane (line or circle) but with different orientations. Fixes issues/21. luc

Release 1.1 – 2017-03-16

Type Changes By
Fixed numerical noise issues in Welzl smallest enclosing ball computation. Thanks to jerdmanGH for reporting the issue. GitHub: fixes #20. Fixes issues/20. luc
Added field based 3D lines. luc
Added utility methods for field-based rotations and 3D vectors. luc

Release 1.0 – 2016-06-23

Type Changes By
Modularized the library. tn

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Version: 1.4. Last Published: 2018-11-14.

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